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 +select object_name,​ object_type from user_objects@orclc41203 ​
 +select object_name,​ object_type from user_objects
 +select dbms_metadata.get_ddl('​TABLE','​EMPLOYEES'​) from dual
 +select referenced_name,​ dbms_metadata.get_ddl(referenced_type,​ referenced_name) from (
 +  select name, type, referenced_name,​ referenced_type from 
 +    user_dependencies where name='​CHANGE_EMP'​ and type='​PACKAGE BODY'
 +    minus 
 +  select name, type, referenced_name,​ referenced_type from user_dependencies@orclc41202
 +) where referenced_name not in ('​STANDARD',​ '​DBMS_OUTPUT',​ '​DUAL'​)
 +and    referenced_name not in (select object_name from user_objects@orclc41202)
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