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select 1 from dual where regexp_like('A-   - 1234', '^A(-| ){0,}[[:digit:]]{4}$')

select regexp_instr('A-   - 1234', '^A(-| ){0,1}[[:digit:]]{4}$') from dual

select regexp_substr('am parkweg 27, A-1234, Stadtdorf', 
                     'A(-| ){0,1}[[:digit:]]{4}') as plz from dual

select regexp_instr('Mark Hofstetter', ' ') from dual

select 1 from dual where 'Mark' like '%M%';

select regexp_replace('Blastr. 27', '[[:blank:]]+', ' ') from dual;

select regexp_replace(regexp_replace('Bla   Str.      27', '(str).',  '\1asse',1,1,'i'), '[[:blank:]]+', '_') from dual;

regexp_like(PLZ, '^A(-| ){0,}[[:digit:]]{4}$') or regexp_like(PLZ, '^D(-| ){0,}[[:digit:]]{5}$')
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