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Line 1: Line 1:
 +[[Fragen Dezember 2018]]
 [[3rd party software]] [[3rd party software]]
Line 4: Line 6:
 [[einfache selects]] [[einfache selects]]
 +[[sessions + transactionen]]
 [[indices]] [[indices]]
Line 13: Line 17:
 [[joins]] [[joins]]
-[[rownum]]+[[joins - subsetvergleich]] 
 +[[any all]] 
 +[[rownum|rownum limit]] 
 [[sets Gruppenoperatoren]] [[sets Gruppenoperatoren]]
 [[metadata]] [[metadata]]
 [[group by Beispiele]] [[group by Beispiele]]
Line 35: Line 51:
 [[external tables]] [[external tables]]
 +[[histogramm gehaltsverteilung]]
 +[[partition rank]]
Line 47: Line 66:
 [[analyze indices/​index]] [[analyze indices/​index]]
 +[[table for merge]]
 [[merge with table]] [[merge with table]]
Line 84: Line 105:
 [[connect by prior]] [[connect by prior]]
-[[Regular Expression]]+[[zeit zwischen jobs]]
 +[[Regular Expression]]
 +[[foreign keys finden]]
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